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Due to its close proximity to the sea and thousands of green plants, Park Sauvignon has features of the natural environment; thus, you need no summerhouse, once you own an apartment in such a place.

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Ideal place
for living
This place has everything a present-day man needs to live large: a shopping and entertainment centre, a fitness club, beauty salons, pharmacies, shops, restaurants, a cinema, a bank branch, sports grounds, kindergarten and other amenities.
The natural landscape, sea breeze, steppe air, hectares of lush greenery and over 1000 especially planted trees make the air in Park Sauvignon uniquely clean and the complex itself really one-of-a-kind.
We use advanced construction technologies along with both classical and up-to-date construction materials.
In our complex, the housing density is considerably less than in any other residential area or in most known residential complexes. This means that each and every resident of our complex enjoys much more territory – you definitely can feel the space here! In Park Sauvignon you will always find a place for a picnic, barbecue or get-togethers and your morning jogs will be really comfortable.
It is fine not to worry about your children playing in the yard - the complex territory is properly secured, and all playgrounds are fitted with a protective covering. Besides, the traffic in the complex is duly planned and minimized.
We have been building the complex of the environment friendly materials focusing on your future comfortable living and considering the “park” concept.
A secured territory, access control and CCTV monitoring will help you to feel secured.

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finishing works!
We have implemented an interesting option for our clients - now, when buying an apartment, you can immediately order the finishing according to your preferences.
It can be started both after and before the commissioning of the house - so that you can save time and money and move into a fully finished apartment immediately at the time of commissioning.
And for financial comfort, we have provided an installment plan.
Several package solutions are available - from a "white box" with clean walls to a maximum set with dishes and slippers.
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Holding ZARS
ZARS carries out a full investment and construction cycle from the acquisition of land plots and development to commissioning and management. ZARS is a well-coordinated team of like-minded professionals; we follow our own traditions and up-to-date construction tendencies, understanding the requirements of our customers and looking for and finding new solutions to each and every project.

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Холдинг ЗАРС

Park Sauvignon Residential Complex – become an owner of elite real estate in the Odessa City

Everywhere in the Odessa City you can find new builds matching any taste and budget. Park Sauvignon is definitely gorgeous real estate in a cosy and picturesque district, in a short way off the sea and with a good environment. It represents reliability, security, comfort and warmth. For sure, more than one generation will live there, thus we strive to involve in the construction of the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex our each and every effort and skill. We use only advanced technologies and engage qualified specialists with considerable experience for the construction of each facility. Our multi-level quality control system allows the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex to be especially unique and trusted.

Once you are tired of your noisy and chaotic downtown life, you are welcome to Sauvignon, a special one-of-a-kind spot in the Odessa City. The Park Sauvignon Residential Complex is notable for its distinctive architecture and inimitable style. The Park Sauvignon Residential Complex is being built using up-to-date technologies and materials in compliance with the highest standards of construction; its operational, technical and service maintenance is ensured by a professional service provider. In addition, ZARS Developers offer a social and domestic infrastructure that will correspond greatly to the lifestyle, requirements and status of future residents; our customers realize the value of time and the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex provides them with the opportunity to live in luxury within comfortable and beautiful surroundings.

Should you want to buy an ideal place for your luxury life, buy an apartment in a new build in the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex

Park Sauvignon is a comfort - class residential complex, consisting of twenty-three five-storied buildings. To buy an apartment in a new build in the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex is a great opportunity to become a happy owner of the elite real estate having advantageous close to the sea location and convenient infrastructure. The price of an apartment in a new build is quite optimal, considering its advantageous location and amenities. A landscaped park area is full of flower beds, flowers and unique trees; the round-the-clock security ensures your comfort, calmness and safety; sports and playgrounds enable you to enjoy your active rest, and a shopping and entertainment centre, shops, pharmacies, restaurants and kindergartens save your time. You will certainly appreciate the quality and comfort of the life in the Park Sauvignon Residential Complex.

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